Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tweet Campaign - It's Working!

Hey Angry Birdies.... lalo siguro kayong angry dahil mga account na na-stop mag-tweet!  Di bale, our efforts are not in vain, CNN I-Report is now carrying our story and other organizations now supporting us. 
Here's the link,

And in case something funny happens, here is the screenshot.  (Loving Bill Gates and techies right now!)

CNN I-Report Article and Pics of Human Rights Violation to 40,000 residents in Pangarap Village

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tweet Campaign - Day2

Hello Angry Birds of Pangarap!
Nice job last night "practicing" for our tweet campaign.  Improve natin and hope to TREND. 
Let me know (thru tweets) any ideas,  I'll share this :

Important points to make impact:
1.  Add the #aranetaviolence in the tweet, this will get the topic to trend
2. Remember the key words:  40,000 Pangarap Village Philippines
3.  Let's TARGET our tweets to :

> NEWS organizations like :
>> AS OF TODAY - I haven't got a reply from these news orgs
-- let's all tweet them between 5pm to 7pm  when we are tweeting
-- not exact names - kindly look for them

> OTHER influential people or celebs :
- have to search their names
- lets send messages

4..  Add links to this blog or posts that you found - there are a lot in our Support page like:
Teddy Casino
Satur Ocampo
Send pictures if you have of ANY

5. check the previous blog post "Angry Birds ng Pangarap"

Get your friends to join us and send direct messages to each other if you need to communicate while Tweet Campaign is going on.  Have FUN guys! 

Maraming Salamat at Patnubayan tayo ng Dyos.

Angry Birds of Pangarap Tweet Campaign

To get our voices heard, please get into Twitter and join our tweet campaign.
We suggest to use the following in your tweets :
40,000 Pangarap Village Philippines

-- add some details:
victims of violence ignored by media and government
human rights violations
don't give up, this is for Sol Gomez and Mel Fortades (and other victims)

1. Tweet as many as you like, as often as you like, copy and paste your tweets to another file to make it easier
2. Search for people to follow like :
Influential people - Oprah, Bill Gates etc incl local political leaders and business leaders
News organizations - CNN, Inquirer, Wall Street Journal
International bodies - United Nations
Search for Causes and Non-Violence and follow them,
3. Send messages/ tweets  to them

Thank you, get your friends to join the Twitter and join us.
and have fun !

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Supreme Court Temporary Restraining Order - VIOLATED!

Here is a copy of the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) -- the court even notes the acts of harassment and violence by Carmel Dev't. Inc owned by the Araneta family.
Residents of Pangarap Village is represented by Malacanang Homeowners Association - named as such since the original settlers were Presidential Guards and government employees who used to live in the Malacanang compound even before the 70's).

Post to BongBong Marcos

Add caption
Posted an appeal to Bongbong Marcos to help in securing justice and rule of law.
YES - we are talking to everybody about this dispute.


Just a few minutes ago, I posted a message to Mar Roxas Facebook page to help talk to people he knows in Carmel Development Corporation (we think he knows who to talk to). 
Screenshot of entry in Mar Roxas page